Failure analysis of calenders

- Jul 27, 2019-

The reasons for the easy folding of the paper surface of the calender are as follows:

(1) The temperature is too high, so that the water content of the printed matter is lowered and the fiber becomes brittle.

(2) The pressure is high, which makes the print extensibility and flexibility worse.

(3) Poor suitability after glazing coating.

The reasons for the uneven thickness of the paper after calendering are as follows:

(1) Whether the high selection in the calender is reasonable.

(2) Whether the middle height of the calender roll is too far from the center.

(3) On the operating side, whether the transmission side pressure is reasonable.

(4) Whether the parallelism and level of the calender and the dryer reach the requirements and are on the same center.

(5) Whether there is a scissor foot between the calender rolls of the calender.