Excellent performance and automatic control requirements for paper card embossing machines

- Apr 22, 2019-

In the process of production and processing of paper card embossing machine, we all aim at high-yield and high-efficiency products. In the operation, we must not only choose the flower-making equipment with excellent performance, but also master the performance. Paper card embossing machine to see how to use it correctly.


Automatic control of feeding of paper card embossing machine

Through the density of the seed cotton roll, the embossing current is fed back to the microcomputer in a timely manner. After a series of data processing, the voltage signal is sent to the frequency converter, and the speed of the feeding motor is controlled by the frequency conversion speed regulation to adjust the feeding amount. The density of the seed cotton lap increases, the pressure on the serration increases, and the fiber content in the seed lap increases, thereby increasing the hooking force of the serration on the seed lap, and accelerating the movement of the seed lap, which is beneficial to increase the yield. However, when the density of the lap is too large, the movement resistance will increase greatly, and the result will hinder the operation of the lap, which is not conducive to increasing the yield.


The amount of protrusion of the saw blade refers to the length of the saw blade extending from the working point of the embossing ribs 100 mm below the surface of the rib arc, perpendicular to the surface of the rib arc. During the embossing of the embossing machine, the amount of protrusion of the saw blade directly affects the yield of the embossing. In general, by increasing the amount of protrusion of the saw blade, the number of effective working teeth of the saw blade in the work box is increased, and the ability of the saw blade to pull the fiber is enhanced, which contributes to an increase in yield.


The operation of the embossing machine to reduce the blockage of the blocked seeding path will result in poor seeding. The blockage of the lint cotton road and the dust cage will cause poor air exhaustion. Of course, the unreasonable design of the wind net will also cause poor ventilation. Poor seeding and poor airflow can cause kinks and friction between the fibers to increase, resulting in cords and neps. At the same time, it will cause abnormal cottonseed hair rate and infertile seeds.www.embochina.com