Embossing Steel Roller processing precautions

- Sep 08, 2018-

In the process of processing Embossing Steel Rollers, the roller body is usually made of seamless steel pipe, while the shaft is made of 45 round steel, the end plate is made of Q235 steel plate, and 8 mm of machining allowance is left according to the drawing size. . The joint surface of the joint part of the turning roller body, the end plate and the shaft is machined according to the precision of H9/f9.


When welding, some parts inside the Embossing Steel Roller body need to be corrected. The coaxiality between the two ends of the shaft and the inner sleeve should be corrected, and only the inner end plate on the shaft should be welded. The inner part of the combined welding is fitted into the roller body, and the joint end of the welded inner end plate and the roller body is combined. The outer end plate is mounted on the shafts at both ends, and the outer end plate is welded to the joint surface of the shaft and the roller body.


It should be noted that the blank of the Embossing Steel Roller of the welded combination needs to be annealed to remove its internal stress. One end of the steel roller shaft is flat and the standard center hole is drilled. Turning processing includes coarse and fine cars, and all parts of the steel roll body should be processed according to the required dimensions of the drawings. The working surface roughness of the roller body should be no more than 1.6 μm to correct the static balance of the steel roller.