Different models and temperature control of textile embossing machine

- Apr 18, 2019-

The textile embossing machine is generally used to heat two circular plastic workpieces during operation. When heat sealing, one workpiece is fixed on the bottom mold, and the other workpiece is rotated on the surface of the fixed workpiece. Since a certain amount of pressure acts on the two workpieces, the heat generated by the friction between the workpieces can melt the contact faces of the two workpieces and form a forbidden and hermetic bond.


The textile embossing machine heats the plastic part mainly through a temperature-controlled heating plate. When heat sealing, the heating plate is placed between two plastic parts, and when the workpiece is in close contact with the heating plate, the plastic begins to melt. After a predetermined heating time has elapsed, the plastic on the surface of the workpiece will reach a certain degree of melting. At this time, the workpiece is separated on both sides, the heating plate is removed, and then the two pieces are joined together to achieve a certain heat sealing time and After the heat sealing depth, the entire heat sealing process is completed.

Different models of textile embossing machines


1. Double-headed pneumatic high-frequency, high-frequency heat sealing machine, PVC plastic sealing machine, high-frequency machine, PVC film structure embossing machine, high-frequency plastic creasing machine high-frequency plastic heat sealing machine, soft film ceiling heat sealing machine.


2. Single-head pneumatic push-pull sliding high-frequency heat sealing machine and single-head pneumatic turntable high-frequency heat sealing machine.


3. Single-head, double-head high-frequency fuse, high-frequency fuse, automatic high-frequency synchronous fuse.