Curtain fabric embossing machine can meet different user requirements

- Dec 17, 2018-

We can provide different types of curtain fabric embossing machines according to users' needs. This series has the advantages of fast starting time, good forming, automatic butt joint without seams, automatic feeding and automatic cloth design. And we can customize different patterns according to customers' needs to meet customer needs and market needs.

The overall structure of the curtain fabric embossing machine is good, especially the sensitive probe with high sensitivity. In addition, using the electronic heating controller to control the temperature, the control temperature error can be plus or minus 1 degree. The machine uses an electronic thermostat, the number is more intuitive, and the adjustment is convenient and simple. The use of two-hand button control greatly enhances the safety of the operator.

Curtain fabric embossing machine for different fabrics, such as chiffon, denim, oxford, woven fabric, cotton, crepe, flocking, grey fabric, washed cloth, poplin, babe yarn / glass Yarn, cotton gauze, yarn-dyed fabric, chambray cloth, corduroy, etc., can also be produced by embossing artificial leather. A device that is multi-purpose and can help customers generate benefits.