Characteristics, use and working conditions of wool roller

- Jul 15, 2019-

The working conditions of the woolen rollers are complicated, and residual stress and thermal stress are generated in the preparation process before manufacture and use. It is further subjected to various cyclic stresses during use. The distribution of these stresses along the roll body is uneven and constantly changing. The reasons are not only the design factors, but also the wear, temperature and roll shape of the wool stick in use. keep changing. In addition, working conditions often have anomalies. 

A good wool stick should have a good match between strength, wear resistance and various other performance indicators. Therefore, the quality of the wool sticks must be strictly controlled or supplemented by external measures to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the wool sticks. Reasonable roll shape, hole shape, deformation system and rolling conditions can also reduce roll work load, avoid local peak stress and prolong roll life.