Characteristics and forming time of 3D Flat Hydraulic Embossing Machine

- Sep 12, 2018-

The 3D Flat Hydraulic Embossing Machine is specially designed for embossing, embossing and calendering of leather, imitation leather, PU, PVC, denim, flannel, etc. during the operation. This product has high automation, accurate feeding and high productivity.

The 3D Flat Hydraulic Embossing Machine is an efficient sewing and embossing equipment. It is mainly used for seaming, welding, fusion cutting, embossing of synthetic fiber fabrics during operation. The processed products have good water tightness and production. High efficiency, no need for needle thread accessories, smooth cut surface without burrs, good feel and so on. Widely used in clothing, toys, food, environmentally friendly non-woven bags, masks and other industries.

The forming time of the 3D Flat Hydraulic Embossing Machine can be adjusted, mainly by thermocouple temperature control digital display, so that the upper and lower temperature can be controlled, the temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily, and its intelligent temperature control can make the SET temperature and actual The temperature difference is between plus and minus 1-10 degrees, and the stroke limit adjuster can be adjusted according to the pressure of the material, and the thickness of the mold is adjusted. The entire equipment feels good when used, high temperature resistant, wear resistant and washable. Ironing, silicone is non-toxic, soft and not easy to scratch the skin.