Characteristics and advantages of sofa and curtain fabric embossing machine

- Feb 24, 2019-

1. The weekly rate is stable; the international industrial band is 27.12mhz, and the output weekly rate is stable, in line with the international industrial band standard.

2. Strong output: low loss coaxial oscillator, coherent tuner, strong output force to shorten welding time and increase production.

3. Safety performance: When working or stationary, whether it is sudden power failure or gas stop, or when power is on or ventilated, the machine is at rest, keep the original position, will not suddenly rise or fall; improve the safety of workers problem.

4. High-speed coherent device; output power can be adjusted by the tuner according to the size of the electrode and the thickness of the material. Except for various control devices and special electronic circuits, the necessary welding time can be greatly reduced, and the production volume of the machine can be greatly improved.

5. Anti-wave interference device; high-frequency frequency stabilizer and high-frequency magnetic field shielding system device minimizes high-frequency interference, effectively solving the impact of high-frequency interference on other machines or residents' lives.

6. Rugged frame; stable and durable.

7. Heating function; suitable for different product processing needs.