Calendering process and operation requirements of wool foil for embossing of aluminum foil

- Jun 12, 2019-

In order to eliminate air bubbles in the rubber material during the operation of the aluminum foil embossing wool roller, the feeding roller has a speed ratio, which is usually 1:1.1 to 1:1.5, and China adopts 1:1.1 to 1:1.4. The soft rubber material takes a small value. For the rubbing operation, in order to allow the rubber to penetrate into the textile, the rubber roller requires a speed ratio. The higher the speed ratio, the greater the shearing force, the better the rubbing effect, but the speed ratio is too large to damage the strength of the textile, and it is easy to scorch the rubber. When the speed ratio is too small, the penetration of the rubber is poor. Generally, it is 1:1.21:1.5, and China adopts 1:1.41:1.5. For the work of pressing, laminating, and laminating, the main requirement is to obtain the pressing force, so the constant-speed rolling is generally adopted, and the speed ratio is 1:1.

The roller speed of the aluminum foil embossing wool roller directly affects the power consumption and productivity of the calender. The higher the roll speed, the higher the power and output, and the higher the level of mechanization automation of the calender. Therefore, consider the following when choosing the roll speed:

1) Process requirements for calendering;

2) the manufacturing level of the calender;

3) The level of automation of the calendering unit.

4) The roller speed should be able to be adjusted smoothly and widely;

5) The pressure-delay roller speed should be as high as possible, which is beneficial to the ability of the equipment.

It can be seen that the level of the roller speed indicates the level of the calendering unit.

Since each roller is individually driven by an electric motor, it can arbitrarily adjust the speed ratio between the rolls within a certain range (from 1:1 up to 1:1.3), so that a variety of operations can be performed on one calender. This makes the machine more adaptable and helps to increase the roller