Calendering effect of cotton calender machine and maintenance of equipment itself

- Jul 01, 2019-

In the cotton calender machine, the material in the calendering machine is subjected to the shearing force when passing through the calender roll gap, and the macromolecules are aligned, so that the physical and mechanical properties of the product may be different in the longitudinal and transverse directions. The longitudinal tensile strength is large, the elongation is small, and the shrinkage rate is large. The tensile strength in the transverse direction of the sheet is small, the elongation is large, and the shrinkage rate is small. This phenomenon is called a calendering effect.


The reason why the cotton calender machine can produce this phenomenon is mainly due to the polymer chain and the acicular or flaky filler particles, which are oriented after calendering. Regular maintenance of the cotton calender during use will extend the life of the machine and reduce failures.


Before starting the machine, wipe the roller with alcohol and non-woven cloth. After use, the roller must be cleaned. If it is difficult to wipe, it cannot be rubbed with hard objects to avoid damage to the roller. Some parts such as gears must be lubricated regularly. oil. In the production process, the retracting shaft should not exceed the weight it bears, so as not to damage the retracting shaft; some parts of the calender, such as the aluminum inverted shaft, must not be scratched.