Calender safety regulations

- Jul 17, 2019-

1. When maintenance or repair work is in progress, the power supply in the relevant area must be disconnected from the safety switch of the separate motor. Unintentional startup must be prevented.

2. The rotating roller cannot be touched by hand or other objects.

3. The noise of the calender will exceed 85 decibels, and those who stay nearby should remember to use the hearing protector.

4. Stairs and operating platforms should be free of oil, waste paper or other debris.

5. The operator must check and make sure that no one is working near the calender and know where all the employees are.

6. The edge of the platform should be protected by railings.

7. Any dangerous mechanical adjustments are prohibited while the machine is running.

8. Special care must be taken: the heat hose inside the calender cannot be touched directly by hand.

9. Obey all warning signs and instructions in the machine.

10. Note the sharp blade of the blade, especially if the blade is not opened or the blade is replaced.

When the paper is broken, the nip will open automatically. When the calender is running, no one is allowed to stay in the area that would be squeezed when the nip was opened.