Calender import safety precautions

- Jul 29, 2019-

1. At this point, the paper is automatically fed by the mechanical paper-feeding device when the paper is fed, and the paper sheet is brought in by the falling rotating roller.

2. When the calender is running, the full-width nip protection plate of the inlet point is not allowed to move away. If the protective plate is to be removed, the calender must be stopped and self-locked.

3. It is strictly forbidden to manually feed the paper into the calender in this area when running. It is strictly forbidden to bring any part of the body close to the area, and it is strictly forbidden to pass through the area passage of the protective plate of the medium-pressure zone.

4. When operating the calender, or lifting or falling, the above operator must be notified in advance.

5. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the guardrail or the aisle guardrail in the calender area.

6. It is strictly forbidden to replace the scraper during operation.

The protective plate at the inlet of the calender is not allowed to be removed at will (except for shutdown cleaning and repair): keep the cleaning around the calender, remove oil, paper and other dangerous materials, maintenance kits, etc. In order to avoid a safety accident; during hard operation, it is forbidden to touch the paper web, paper roll or calender roll by hand or other objects during operation; the scraper is very sharp, be careful when maintaining or replacing; the operation of the calender should be Wear earplugs and wear safety shoes.