Application range and process characteristics of laser engraving 3D embossing roller

- Dec 03, 2018-

Laser engraving 3D embossing roller is suitable for the suppression of concave and convex patterns such as plastic sheet, film, aluminum foil, leather, hard board, wallpaper, floor tile, glass, paper, etc., to improve the surface aesthetics, strengthen anti-counterfeiting, protect trademarks and other effects. According to customer requirements, we can develop embossing rolls of different patterns.

This kind of laser engraving 3D embossing roller is a metal roller shaft. It is commonly used as high-quality carbon steel. The surface is engraved with a three-dimensional pattern and is hard chrome plated to prevent corrosion and increase hardness. The laser engraving technology features non-contact and high precision, which determine many advantages of laser engraving 3D embossing rollers.

The combination of advanced laser technology and computer image processing technology, the engraving of the pattern is strong, the lines are smooth and the simulation is extremely high, which ensures the complete restoration of the original details. At the same time, due to the computer typesetting and simulation technology, seamless splicing is realized, which ensures that the pattern of laser engraving 3D embossing rollers is uniform and seamless.

In addition, the high precision of laser engraving ensures the uniformity and uniformity of the pattern in the whole frame. More importantly, the deformation data of the material is calculated and measured in advance by the computer, and an electronic file for engraving printing and embossing is produced, which ensures accurate overprinting of small details.