Aluminum foil embossing machine installation and working procedures

- Apr 08, 2019-

The transmission mechanism of the aluminum foil embossing machine head fixed flower wheel indicates the pressure and pressure of the flower wheel on the workpiece during the operation. When the operation is performed, the air pressure is adjusted according to actual needs, and the nut is locked after adjustment. The adjustment range is generally between 1 and 10 Kg/cm2. The platform for processing the workpiece of the aluminum foil embossing machine can effectively control the working procedure of the machine during operation.


Aluminum foil embossing machine installation

1. Disassemble the package, check the surface and parts of the equipment for signs of damage, check whether the screws are loose, the electrical connectors are locked, and the accessories are complete.

2. The equipment should be placed on a flat hard ground, requiring the lace machine to be at least 0.5 m away from the heat source, and to ensure that the lace machine has at least 1 m before and after, and at least 0.5 m space left and right for operation.

3. Check the voltage requirements on the back of the vibration box and ensure that the system is well grounded.

The air line is connected to a clean, non-lubricated source of compressed air at a rated working pressure of 0.6 MPa.