Advantages and production characteristics of 3D hydraulic embossing machine

- Sep 06, 2018-

The 3D hydraulic embossing machine adopts a new concept design. The overall shape design is beautiful and beautiful, clean and tidy, and the design height of the equipment and the operation position are scientific, which reduces the fatigue of long-term use. Professionally designed. Professional installation, professional commissioning, professional inspection, 3D hydraulic embossing machine can be used handy after delivery, stable use and easier maintenance.


The main advantages of the 3D hydraulic embossing machine:

1. The configuration of the electronic tube can effectively ensure the stable operation of the equipment;

2. High-sensitivity spark suppression circuit to effectively prevent mold damage;

3, push the bench knot design, save time and effort, easy to operate;

4. Double cylinder working table positioning device, accurate positioning;

5, a full set of high-quality components assembled, stable performance.


In the structural design of the 3D hydraulic embossing machine, it is hydraulically operated and easy to operate. The machine head is specially designed with a flat mold mounting method, which is simple and convenient. In addition, the 3D hydraulic embossing machine has double-head pedal operation alternately, and mainly adopts the principle of rod stalk operation, and the powerful type head is convenient to use.