3D embossing machine working principle and processing products

- Jun 25, 2019-

The 3D embossing machine mainly uses the electric heating temperature control working principle, uses the heating tube to heat the surface of the embossing mold, coats the surface of the leather with the glue, and then uses the shape of the embossing mold plus a certain pressure to achieve the perfect pressure. Flower effect.


3D embossing machine mainly processing garment embossing, denim embossing, fabric embossing, epoxy embossing, fabric 3D pattern embossing, shoe embossing, trademark, purse, car seat, sun visor, rain sail, Gas toys, sports shoes, craft gifts, bags, denim.


The 3D embossing machine is divided into two types: double station embossing machine and single head embossing machine. The former has two stations that can be operated, which is equivalent to two machines, and is selected according to different specifications of customers. The latter is a machine, the specifications can be customized according to customer needs, suitable for large-size embossing machines.www.embochina.com