T-Shirt Garment Embossing Machine

T-Shirt Garment Embossing Machine

T-Shirt Garment Embossing Machine is applied for embossing three dimensional flower patterns in a variety of fabric.
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T-Shirt Garment Embossing Machine Introduction

T-Shirt Garment Embossing Machine is applied for embossing three dimensional flower patterns in a variety of fabric.
It also can be used in aluminum foil, wallpaper, non-woven fabric, plastic products and so on. And the machine is one of our popular products. We now use the hydraulic pressure to double the working speed to 400m/h

Technical parameter:




2800 3000 3500 (W)



Time range


Air pressure


Working size

40*40 40*50 40*60 (cm)

Packing size

150*63*134cm 157.5*62.5*134cm 153*70*136cm


300kg 320kg 350kg


1. This machine adopt the most advanced technology,4 revolve working tables, automatic spacing , safe and accurate ,electronic digital temperature with high accuracy control, it is your best choice for assembly in operation line.

2. Adopting advanced control system, imported components, automatic spacing, small volume, accurate, safe, long life service.
3. PID microcomputer control, high accuracy.
4. Full digital time display, super veracity.
5. Imported super quality heating plate material, adopt oil heating, liquid circulation uniform heat conduction, strong heat conductivity.
6. Delicate appearance.

Sales service:

1. Each machine is manufactured by professional experienced staff.

2. Production process is under strict supervision and adopts China and world toppest production engineering.

3. The warranty time is one year. Quick-wear part is excluded.

4. When warranty date expires, lifetime maintenance service is provided.


1. Q: May I have a look at your catalogue?
A: This is a copy of catalog.

2. Q: Is it possible that you lower the price a bit? / It is too much. Can you discount it?
A: Our price is highly competitive.
3. Q: Do you think you can possibly cut down your prices by 10%?

A: This is the lowest possible price.
4. Q: What should I take care when using the machine?

A: Keep the machine away from thinner and other chemical liquid.

5. Q: How to maintain the machine?

A: Check the connection part and clean the screen frame regularly.



Company biography:

Jiangyin Sanyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing calenders, embossing machines, fabric printing machines, machines for cold peel transfer sticker Printing, rollers and other textile machinery. Our most popular machine is 3D embossing machine currently. Our Company will continue to develop new products and make efforts to expand domestic and foreign markets. And our products have been exported to Bangalore, Dubai, Congo, South Africa, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iran and other countries.