Double Side Pressure 3-Roller Calender

Double Side Pressure 3-Roller Calender

This product is applied to do the calendering of cotton, chemical fiber, wool and its blended fabrics.
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Product Details

Double Side Pressure 3-Roller Calender introduction

This product is applied to do the calendering of cotton, chemical fiber, wool and its blended fabrics.

The middle roller of the equipment is fixed roller, top and bottom rollers can respectively to the intermediate pressure. When the fabric pass the machine, it can be calendered once or twice. After calendered, the fabric can achieve extremely good brightness and softness. The equipment can save a lot of costs.

Technical parameter:

Running Speed


Heating type

electric heating or oil heating

Cooling type

air cooling or water cooling

Max pressure between rollers

60T, 80T, 100T, 120T

Operating temperature of mirror roller



Double Side Pressure 3-Roller Calender features:

1.The rolls are made of chilled cast iron with vanadium and titanium alloys. The roll face is hard and anti-wear. To heat up or cool down, the rolls are either circumferentially drilled or centrally bored so as to make temperature well proportioned on the roll surface.

2.The rolls are arranged in I forms. The upper rolls have roll cambers that can eliminate bending impact on rolls during working process. Thus, it is possible to make products with same thickness along axial direction.

3.The transmission system adopts a hard facing gear reducer, which has a compacted structure with higher transmission efficiency, lower noise and longer service life.

4.The machine is equipped with emergency device. When an emergent accident occurs, the calendar will be immediately stopped to open the roll space so as to protect the operator and equipment.


1. We have many experience on OEM work.

2. We can customize special hardware as customer demand.

3. Technical service for assembling.

4.One year guarantee for whole machines

5.24 hours technical support by email

6.Calling or door - to -door service.

7.Provide videos for each machine.


1. Q: What should I do if we are not able to operate the machine when we receive it?
A: Operation manual and video demonstration sent along with the machine to give instructions. Besides, we have professional after-sale group to customer’s site to solve any problems.
2. Q: How could I get the spares on machines?
A: We will send extra sets of easy broken spares and accessories like electric tubes etc. Non-artificial damaged spares (Not including easy quick-wear parts)will be sent freely and shipping free during 1 year’s warranty.
3. Q: What's the payment terms and trade terms for new customers?

4. Q: What's the Minimum Order Quantity and warranty?

A: MOQ: 1 set

5. Q: I need a video showing how your machine works, can you send it?

A: Certainly, we have made all machine's video and uploaded to Youtube.