Leather PU Bronzing Machine

Leather PU Bronzing Machine

CQ-1800B is mainly used for the gilding and hot stamping on the whole or part surface of the blended knitting fabric, blended woven fabric such as polyester,
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Leather PU Bronzing Machine Introduction

CQ-1800B is mainly used for the gilding and hot stamping on the whole or part surface of the blended knitting fabric, blended woven fabric such as polyester, polyamide(chinlon), polyacrylic (orlon), polypropylene fiber as well as the grease impregnated cotton and silk fabric.  It is widely used in industries like clothing and home textile.

Technical Parameter:

Working Width

1800mm (Max. up to 3000mm) 

Production Speed


Type of machine

left or right


Silicone rubber (Lamination) and butadiene acrylonitrile rubber (Gluing)

Heating roll

45#Steel plated hard chromium (mirror) ;intelligent temperature controller 


Mainly chains drive and belt support,the frequency converters are used to control the synchronization of the movements.


Made of the steel plate of machined and welded.


Hot air circulation system;Slit nozzle, heating evenly.


control and ventilation: a drying passage with independent temperature and exhaust control.

Pressing method

air pressure and oil pressure

Gross Power

About 50KW 


Leather PU Bronzing Machine Advantage:

1.By referring toKorean gilding equipment, we refit our original products in line with customers’ needs into a new type gilding equipment.

2.Hot air circulation system is adopted in the oven.

3.Blade rack is adjusted in many directions and can swing automatically.

4.With a new scraper structure,it is more convenient and reliable to adjust the knife.

5.Hot stamping productsareclear,intuitive and friendly.

6.The operation of this product is simple and the mechanical structure is more reasonable.

7.Convenient and synchronous operation, energy conservation.

8.The automatic feeding device and automatic edge spreading device save the needs of labors.

9.The front and back transmission system of the whole machine is synchronously controlled at the head of the machine , it is more convenient to convey materials than that on the ground.As well save human labour.And customized according to customer demand for processing.

Why Choose Us :

1. We have a strong design team, and can be design machine according customers' samples.

2. OEM is available.

3.12 months warranty time and good after sales service. If there is any problem with machine after sale, our sales and engineers will helo customers to solve problems. (Generally speaking, there is almost no problem with machine for  many years ) 

4. The spare main parts and user manual will be sent with machine together.


1.Q: What’s the payment?

A: T/T, L/C.

2. Q: What’s the transportation?

A: Transported by DHL, UPS, EMS, Fedex, Air freight. sea freight.

3. Q: Do you support drop shipping?

A:Yes, your drop shipping is available.

4. Q: Which countries have you ever exported?

We have exported to lots of countries Such as Morocco, Mumbai, Lebanon, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.

5. Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can click the contact information and find our foreign trade manager.